If you don’t blog, you don’t exist

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I want to try to sell you on the idea to open your own blog and start blogging even if you don’t know exactly what to blog about and even if you feel ashamed or not good enough to write.

I was looking for some business tips for a potential client who asked me how to make money online and how to get started. So I researched a little  and I found this:

77 Business Tips For An Online Business.

Like any morally responsible man, I read the article before I sent it. 🙂 In fact I found out for myself how many un-utilized resources and options I have. The one tip that struck me the most was:

If You Don’t Blog, You Don’t Exist

The old days of anonymous business presence on the Internet are over. You need an identity. Preferably, your own identity. And the easiest way to establish, maintain and promote an identity is having a blog. You can either maintain a personal blog or a company blog like ecommerce partners blog. Blogging has become an internal part of the online business process, much like a domain name: without it, you don’t really exist.

(Yes! I borrowed this tip as my post title.)

It is becoming more and more clear to me that the benefits of having a blog are enormous. The 3 main reasons for me:

Free Advertising

Google loves content and Google especially loves new, unique content. It doesn’t have to be the greatest post in the world. Average content can get you satisfying results. At first you may be discouraged because it will be hard to find something to write about that has not yet been written. That’s  fine. As long as you don’t steal the entire content, people (and google) will still like to read you because of your unique perspective on the matter. Think about how many math teacher and math textbooks are there in the world. Millions! Do some work better than other? You bet! They all teach exactly the same math (hopefully :)). But some teacher just CLICK with you and others don’t. Same math… different teacher… makes all the difference. So don’t be afraid to write your personal opinion on something that has already been written. It will pay off. Just be patient and consistent. Remember It’s FREE advertising. 🙂

Expands your perspective

Blogging will allow you (even force you) to find a way to express your inner world and ideas into a written from. If you have never done it, it may feel like a struggle in the beginning. I found this article by Christopher Penn titled Why I force myself to blog daily – There he says:


Forced creativity. When you do content daily, you run out of low-hanging fruit very fast as well. That’s why it’s easy to blog in the beginning and then it suddenly feels like you hit a wall. You run into your own limits. Forcing myself to a daily content scheme forces me to be creative, forces me to think outside the box, forces me to look at old things in new ways to see if there are additional avenues to extract value.

 Brings Out The Real You

When you start blogging, at some point, you’ll inevitably want to be yourself and write about your views and ideas. You’d want to come out of your weirdo closet and proudly re-announce your weirdness. There is no better place to start from than your blog. In this article – 5 facts about daily blogging the author writes:

Don’t blog for the masses! Blog for yourself. Let what you write be the story of your life, so that in years to come you can look back and trace what has happened.

In his book We are all weird, Seth says:

The weird are now more important that the many, because weird are the many.

Bring out the real you! Reclaim yourself. Come out of the weirdo closet. You are far from alone 😉

Here is Seth Godin confirming it 🙂

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