You want the treat? Let go of the stick!

Dogs know better: “If I want to eat the treat I let go of the stick first” – Simple yet very illusive. We humans are not like that. It takes us an incredible amount of time and effort to get this (speaking from experience). It’s not enough to have someone who wants to give us a treat. We ourselves need to let go of the stick first. This is one of the most beautiful natural encryption “algorithms” for information available: encryption by our own denial and stubbornness.

Computer Send/Receive

In the computer world a wireless router uses a similar way of sending and receiving data. A router sends out information to everyone! Every computer that has Wi-Fi will get what the router is sending: this sounds almost scary 🙂 The good part is that the packages of information are encoded so that only the computer that requested the information can understand it.
Everyone gets it – only the one who has the right decryption can decode it.

Human Send/Receive

Human beings function in a similar way. You will never be able to decode the information if you don’t have the decryption code. We can have the most advanced and evolved teacher and yet we’ll not get any of what she is saying if we don’t [tooltip text=”to view someone with respect and admiration”]look up[/tooltip] to her. No one can force one to do that. We have to do it ourselves. Even if we have the best teacher in the world we will not learn anything from them unless we use this decryption method. The teacher is there sending treats to everyone yet only a few get it. It’s not that she is doing something wrong. It’s just that we ourselves are blocking it by not wanting to let go of the stick that we are so tightly biting.

Fill that cup

One of the best analogies that I’ve heard describing this “phenomenon” is to think of it as a cup and a water faucet. The teacher is the faucet; We are the cup. Our task is to fill the cup with water.

We can’t do that by putting our cup next to the faucet. “I have a really awesome buddy. He knows a lot of shit and I get to be cool for knowing him” or “I’m drinking coffee with my math teacher. She’ll probably let me know what the secret about math is and I’ll become good at it without having to study hard…all that for just being friends with her” etc. A truly committed teacher would actually prevent this from happening by keeping a safe distance between him and his students thus maintain the transmit/receive channel clean.

We can’t do it by putting our cup on top of the faucet either. “I know everything; I don’t need anyone’s help” or “You are full of shit, Miro” (True story! I’ve had good friends say this when they could no longer “figure me out”)

Only when we put our cup under the faucet can we fill it with water, track the water down the pipes and water supply system, understand where the water comes from, and get our own water faucet.

Green wave in life

When we go from town A to town B we don’t expect that every single light will be green. We just go! If we encounter a red light we stop and wait. It seems like a no-brainer. But for some reason we don’t apply the same method in real life. We want to have all the lights green. We want to have someone in town B waiting for us insisting that we should come. We need to make sure that there are a lot more benefits in town B that in town A. Only after we re-insure ourselves that all of the above mentioned conditions are met will we begin our journey. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as green wave in life. There will be red lights; there will be fuel stops; there won’t be many benefits in town B and there may not be anybody happily waiting for us there. Forget benefits ‘cos there aren’t much, forget egoistic and marketed “happiness”: It’s fake, unsatisfactory and doesn’t permanently increase your overall  well-being.

“I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be “happy.” I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all, to matter and to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.”

– Leo C. Rosten


Life is to be free-styled

Find someone (preferably alive) who can be your role model and look up to him/her. Make sure that they are physically healthy; psychologically, emotionally, financially and even spiritually stable and just listen to what they have to tell you. Have 3 different role models if you wish and make a mixture of the qualities you want to possess. It’s important to have someone who has done it. Someone who’s walked the territory and now has a map of it. Most people who’s consciousness calibrates above 95% of all humans are very compassionate to all humans (compassion beyond sex, creed, color, race or sexual-orientation); have willingness to share; are personally transparent (intimate). If they sell a book to cover their personal financial needs, the price:value ratio is something like 1:10000 (provided that you got the right book, read it, and applied the ideas in it. 😉 …not just another dust-collector). Plus, a lot of the stuff in the books is already shared on their website, blog, videos, etc. so you don’t have to shoot in the dark.  So let go of the stick and get the treat. There is a solution for virtually every problem: from things like
How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg” to things like
How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes
This is just scratching the surface but it’s free. Imagine what can you find in a $25 worth of specialized content from your role model that you are excited about and want to know more about.

Good news: Game over

The best part to finding role models, however is that once you get exposed to a higher stage of consciousness; to an individual who pressure cooks his/her life; one who flies the airplane at a higher altitude; one who’s at this chaotic, frothy, wildly creative cutting-edge of reality, you can never go back. Your wind shield of reality has been cracked and now you have to remove it completely. You can no longer pretend that this possibility for you isn’t there. Once you find out that a new, more conscious and saner way of living and interacting with your fellow earthlings, IS indeed possible, you are finished! DONE! GAME OVER! 🙂  You’ll probably resist it as hell at first but that is only natural. I wouldn’t even try to tell you not to resist it. However, regardless of how hard you try, or whether you  deeply fear it or love it, one thing is certain: You’ll be coming back again. You’ll be coming back for more.

“If I have seen further it is only by kneeling on the shoulders of giants.”

– Isaac Newton

Thank you for your attention.



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